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Marketing support materials

Marketing support materials
Marketing support materials
Marketing support materials

What is the Healthy Beginnings project?

The Healthy Beginnings project is a large NSW Ministry of Health-funded randomised controlled trial being run by Sydney Local Health District.  The project aims to determine effective ways to support parents of young children in order to reduce the incidence of overweight and obesity.

The current study is investigating the effectiveness of several low cost interventions to deliver the Healthy Beginnings program.  These include phone support, written materials and SMS messages.

Participants receive regular support and materials from the ante-natal stage until their baby reaches 12 months of age.

How has Juntos Marketing helped develop marketing support materials for the Healthy Beginnings project?

Working from the content and overall direction supplied by the Healthy Beginnings research team, Juntos Marketing designed and developed a series of professional booklets in both printed and PDF formats.

The series of booklets are being distributed to parents to coincide with key developmental milestones during their baby’s first year of life.

The Juntos Marketing team advised and helped plan the overall design concept and then fully developed each specific booklet.  The overall look and feel is professional and consistent, so that the booklets appear trustworthy and so they feel like ‘a family’.  The layout is clear and the content is worded so that the materials are easy to read and understand.

Juntos Marketing also updated the Healthy Beginnings website navigation, images and content.  The updated site now reflects the most current study phase, and has a more user-friendly, professional and inviting website look and structure.

Healthy Beginnings marketing support materials brochuresHealthy Beginnings marketing support materials brochures

How will the marketing support materials developed by Juntos Marketing assist the Healthy Beginnings project?

Juntos Marketing brings a strong understanding of consumers and how to develop marketing materials that will resonate from a consumer-perspective.  We are able to combine this with a deep understanding of health and health promotion, so that any marketing support materials engage the end-users while staying true to the scientific evidence.

We were able to “package” the wide range of important messages into designs and materials that are attractive, easy to read, informative, professional and look authentic.  This in turn will help maximise study participation and help support the Healthy Beginnings project to achieve quality research outcomes.

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