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Public Awareness Communications Campaign

Public Awareness Communications Campaign

What was Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network’s public awareness communications campaign about?

Based on their comprehensive 2016 needs assessment, Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN) partnered with the Murrumbidgee Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Alliance (The Alliance) to develop a public awareness communications campaign aimed at improving awareness of after hours crisis services in the region.

By highlighting the available support services, which include the Murrumbidgee Accessline, Lifeline, the head to health website and 000 in an emergency, the project aims to increase the community’s understanding about the need to reach out and seek support.

Long term, the desired outcomes of this important campaign will be increasing the incidence of help seeking behaviour, reducing the incidence of suicide and self-harm, and reducing the stigma of  mental illness across the Murrumbidgee region.

How did the MPHN use Juntos Marketing to develop their public awareness communications campaign?

Initially Juntos Marketing, in conjunction with our sister agency Leapfrog Research, undertook market research and a series of community consultations including a stakeholder workshop, focus groups, in-depth phone interviews, and the formation of a consumer advisory panel. This consultative stage provided invaluable insights for the communications strategy and allowed the facilitation of critical co-design contributions, such as specific language to use and to avoid.

Following the development of a comprehensive written communications strategy and plan, campaign materials for all aspects of the public awareness communications campaign were then created, designed and produced.

Campaign materials included an animated 30-second television commercial, radio advertisement, campaign poster and postcard, press advertisement and comprehensive social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The media campaign ran over 13 weeks, commencing in mid-December and targeting the peak mental health risk periods of Christmas, New Year and return to school and study.

Juntos Marketing recommended, designed and implemented pre- and post-campaign engagement surveys, social media analytics and community/stakeholder feedback to measure the increase in awareness of the targeted mental health support services in the Murrumbidgee region.

Murrumbidgeepublic awareness communications campaign


How did this communications campaign add value for MPHN?

The communications campaign achieved significant improvements in the overall awareness of the targeted after hours mental health support services in the Murrumbidgee region.

Specifically comparing results of the pre- and post-evaluation survey, there was a 66% increase in awareness of phone support services, 59% increase in awareness of other relevant support services and a 241% increase of awareness of the MPHN’s dedicated Murrumbidgee Accessline(Source: iLINK 11 Dec 2017 and 9 Feb 2018)

The social media components of the communications campaign reached more than 191, 000 of the total 241, 487 people in the Murrumbidgee region. The TVC was viewed in full on social mediamore than 12, 900 times, and post engagement was strong.

Effectively changing attitudes and behaviours are challenging, long-term goals.  This campaign was highly effective in building initial awareness of after hours support services, and in starting the conversation around a very complex issue.

Alliance members now have access to a suite of digital and printed materials that can be used over an extended period, as they continue to build awareness and to encourage help-seeking behaviour, and ultimately addressing this vital community concern.

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